EasyBlog - the easy way to create own weblog

what is it EasyBlog

EasyBlog is simple weblog generator for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
Main window

a few steps to create weblog

Download and Setup

  1. download EasyBlog
  2. extract to any folder on your disk (for example C:\easyblog)
  3. run easyblog.exe
  4. click on OPTIONS tab
  5. click on ADD PROJECT icon
    Add Project
  6. write name of project and choose path (for example C:\weblog - directory must exists)
    New Project
  7. fill to the Main URI field address of your weblog
    Main URI
  8. click on the CONTENT tab
  9. fill your name, e-mail and change charset
  10. click on the FTP tab
  11. fill parameters of your FTP - fields REMOTE PATH, REMOTE DATA PATH and REMOTE. CONF PATH must exist on the FTP server
  12. save to the EBP file
    Save Project

Now we will write new post

  1. click on the name of new project in projects list
  2. click on BLOG tab - there is the first sample post (you can delete this post)
    Delete post
  3. now you will write new post: click on NEW POST icon
    New post
  4. choose date, time, title and content of post (you can use HTML) and click on SAVE POST icon
    Save post
  5. post is saved and you will see in tree view folder (name is year and month of post) and post (name is unix timestamp)
    Tree view
  6. now you can click on the GENERATE icon and blog will be created
  7. when blog is created click on FTP tab and then click on SEND TO FTP button
    Send to FTP

Have a nice weblog ;-)